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World day of Roma language: Maśkarthemutno Dives e Rromane Ćhibǎqo

Romani_population_average_estimateParticipants, linguists, teachers, journalists and Roma organizations coming from 15 countries, were meeting in Zagreb the 3rd and 5th of November in 2012. Since then, Roma community decided to celebrate the Roma language statement, each 5th of November. The main purpose of this statement was the dissemination of Roma language and its recognition as one of the European tongues.
Since then, the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages encourages National Governments to accept Roma language in public administrations and institutions. Indeed, states shall recognize and finance the Roma language promotion. European Institutions should make an intensive control of all actions regarding Roma language abroad.
The World day of Roma language should be stated and recognized in all countries the 5th of November. In that case, from Mediation4Roma project, we would like to recognize the importance of Roma language in order to work on the promotion of Roma culture and its cultural heritage’s visibilization.

International Roma Day, 8th of April

20140408_113317Many Catalan Roma associations met at the bank of the Besós River in order to offer roses, petals and candles. The tradition remembers the holocaust victims as well as symbolizes the path to the freedom.

The organizations tried to express the recognition that deserves the Roma International day, making different kind of events and activities to make it visible and known to all society.

Searching for a logo

sinlogo3During the month of March Fundació Pere Closa which is in charge of the dissemination project was working in order to promote a participation process with young Roma based on the creation of a project logo’s collaborative design .

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