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Public Meeting and Third Steering Committee Meeting in Timisoara

IMG_4367A public event in Timisoara (Romania) was celebrated the past 21st of April. The meeting was dedicated to discuss and reflect on mediation in the field of education and the role of school mediators. During the meeting, Mediation4Roma consortium reminded the importance of VET certification in Europe, emphasizing the importance to look for the support of national certification centers during the implementation of the training.
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The MEDIATION4ROMA training puts its basis on the Code of Ethics for Mediators

Mediation4Roma team is basing the training design on the Code of Ethics for Mediators.Imagen Code 1

The Council of Europe developed the code within the ROMED program. Document the role, the profile and the commitment that should be adopted by mediators during their labor activity as professionals.

The Code of Ethics for Mediators establishes 10 clear and indispensable ideas. These ideas are fundamental to develop properly the figure of mediator and its relationship between him/her, public institution and Roma Community.

Some of the most relevant ideas established by the Code are that mediator should be respectful, honest and integral in the development of his/her functions, the mediator should be proactive to find solutions for the Roma Community members elaborating prevention activities. In addition, mediator should establish a confidentiality commitment by which he/she will not disclose the obtained information without the express consent of the source. On the other hand, the mediator should adopt an attitude of respect for traditions, rules and culture.

In short, the mediator’s work is to ensure the welfare of the most harmed communities acting like a bridge between the members of the Community and the public institutions.

MEDIATION4ROMA team working on the training design

2ND KICK OFF MEETING 2Partners involved in Mediation4Roma project are working on the VET design for Roma mediators at present. Intercultural Institute of Timisoara and EARCS Speranta from Romania, are leading this process offering their wide expertise to support partners. The training process, which is linked with the previous ROMED program, is looking for the training official recognition in order to promote and facilitate Roma mediator’s knowledge, employability and position.

The training will consist in three different modules with different mediation contents. These modules are: Communication and digital literacy, intercultural mediation and specific training in the mediators workings field (Education, Health, Ocupation and General Local Community). Continue reading

Mediation4Roma and the Protector of Citizens – Ombudsman of the AP Vojvodina

Bz-P9m5IgAAf9mwMediation4Roma team was presenting the feat of getting the official recognition for Roma mediators to Public Municipalities and the Protector of Citizens – Ombudsman of the AP Vojvodina. One of the project purpose is to provide a space for mediators in society in order to become a bridge between policy makers and Roma community. Continue reading

Vojvodina: A Good Example of Roma Inclusion

studijska-poseta-briselu-romi_660x330At the beginning of October, the Vojvodina delegation representing the Roma Inclusion Office Capacity Building project visited the seat of the European Commission (EC) in Brussels. The study visit participants were Duško Jovanović, the Director of the Roma Inclusion Office of Vojvodina, Slavica Denić, MA, the Assistant to the Provincial Secretary for Economy, Employment and Gender Equality, Project Assistants, representatives of the European Affairs Fund of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina and the Vojvodina Office in Brussels. Continue reading