MEDIATION4ROMA Launch Conference

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The European MEDIATION4ROMA Project launches the training Roma mediation initiative to Spanish Roma Associations.

The VET project will be running for the next two years and it expects to get the official recognition of a new professional mediator certification for Roma Community.

vet4roma asistentes_2 Launch Conference 2014-01-23 13.41.08MEDIATION4ROMA’s launch conference took place the past 23rd of January, 2014.  Fundació Privada Pere Closa and Fundació Esplai which are co-leading this European project called upon all the project partnership as well as a great part of the Roma Spanish Associations.

During the conference, Spanish Roma associations were discussing lots of matters that relate to Roma mediation and Roma mediator figure. The main idea was the importance to define the role of Roma Mediation as well as highlighted the figure of Roma mediators.

Within the Roma Community there are many natural mediators working  for the Roma inclusion. Most of these mediators are part of social organizations involved with Roma inclusion in the field of: health, housing, education and labor.

In fact, MEDIATION4ROMA will create a specific training project for mediators focusing on these sorts of fields, getting the official accreditation to those mediators that are searching a professional recognition.

Fundació Pere Closa who has wide experience in Roma educational mediation together with many Spanish Roma organizations have already been struggling to enhance Roma culture, improving the canals of Roma social participation and promoting the pertinent social recognitionition of Roma mediation.

The MEDIATION4ROMA project is one of the major results of this struggle. The project is founded by different Partners from abroad (Spain, Serbia, Romania, Italy, and Belgium) who are working to get a common frame of training mediation in all Europe. Domingo Jiménez, President of Fundació Pere Closa, explained the importance of this certificate for Roma Community. It could promote the entire inclusion of Roma Community to general society preserving their own cultural heritage.

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