MEDIATION4ROMA team working on the training design

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2ND KICK OFF MEETING 2Partners involved in Mediation4Roma project are working on the VET design for Roma mediators at present. Intercultural Institute of Timisoara and EARCS Speranta from Romania, are leading this process offering their wide expertise to support partners. The training process, which is linked with the previous ROMED program, is looking for the training official recognition in order to promote and facilitate Roma mediator’s knowledge, employability and position.

The training will consist in three different modules with different mediation contents. These modules are: Communication and digital literacy, intercultural mediation and specific training in the mediators workings field (Education, Health, Ocupation and General Local Community).

“Communication and Digital Literacy” is the first module. For instance, combating digital fracture, promoting digital skills and how to look for online information are some of the contents included in this module. The second module is “Intercultural mediation”. This module is designed to clarify the role of Roma mediator and promote the importance of using mediation in conflict resolution. Furthermore, the third module is “Specific training in the mediators Pic radutoku 5working’s field”. This module differs from the other because it is supposed to be much more practical. In particular, it will consist of different topics: information on the legal and institutional framework, information and skills related to the field of work, mapping and contracting in the specific local context, plan activities adapted to the work context and supervision, reporting and networking.

Finally, training modules will be composed by 20 hours of work distributed in 7 hours face-to-face and 13 online.

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