BARCELONA: Kick off Meeting

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BerLG9FIEAAT20gThe entire consortium assisted at 1st Kick-off Meeting in Barcelona the past 23rd and 24th of January. The consortium is formed by: Fundació Privada Pere Closa (Spain), Fundació Esplai (Spain), Intercultural Institute of Timisoara (Romania), Arci Solidarietá Onlus (Italy), Centre de Médiation des Gens du Voyage et des Roms en Wallonie (Belgium), EARC “Speranta” (Romania) and Radovi U Toku (Serbia).

Of course, all the members of the Mediators4Roma’s consortium are really enthusiastic about the project that will be running in the next two years. In fact, the kick-off meeting appeared as a real Meeting point and forum for information exchange between organizations members and also as a first contact in a warming space to meet each other and to talk about the main important issues and activities that must be fostered by the partners at the beginning of the project.

During the meeting it was discussed lots of topics related to the different work packages that are envisaged on the project. The project needs many coordination actions, a powerful dissemination strategy with a project website, a quality plan in order to evaluate all the expected results and the project impacts to society, a previous state of the art in order to create a specific design of the training which will include all the organizations background mediation’s experience, a required preparation of the piloting testing , and of course, a detection of the major stakeholders that can be useful at the moment to make the project sustainable upon the completion of the project. All this topics were carefully discussed by the consortium in order to oversee the project from design through completion.

That meeting was the first appointment for the partner’s country, and it is expected to make the second one for the next June. This time, the event will be hosted by de Italian Partner, Arci Solidarietá Onlus, and it is foreseen to start discussing with the training design.

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