Fundació Pere Closa, Spain

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Fundació Privada Pere Closa is a Roma association that promotes the education and the development of the Roma Community in Catalonia. Its mission is based on ensuring to the greatest possible number of young Roma the same range of educational opportunities as the rest of society.

The schooling support of Roma children and young people is one of the bases that Fundació Pere Closa chases in order to guarantee an academic education as a key factor to achieve the social equality. The Foundation also wants to propitiate a positive image of the Roma community, preserve their cultural heritage, and make the rest of society aware of it – all without forgetting the task of empowering the figure of social mediator.

Every year, Fundació Pere Closa provides more than 2200 students in Catalonia, working with 1100 families and more than 65 schools. The foundation also reaches an academic success tutoring, offers educational support classes and assists young Roma people to access at university. Moreover, Fundació Pere Closa works to foster Roma culture and break stereotypes about Roma population with primary and secondary school students in all Catalonia.

In the field of mediation, Fundació Pere Closa has a wide background experience acquired trough the Scooling Support Project of the Ministry of Education on Catalonia. This project aims to promote equality, inclusion and social cohesion, achieving full schooling, academic success and a social and occupational promotion of Roma students in an inclusive, open and welcoming scholastic environment. Furthermore, there are other projects involving families, as “Education with Families” awarded by Fundació “La Caixa”, which enhance a positive parenting as a key factor to avoid the schooling drop out.

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