M4R si Ombudsman-ul Provinciei Vojvodina

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Bz-P9m5IgAAf9mwMediation4Roma team was presenting the feat of getting the official recognition for Roma mediators to Public Municipalities and the Ombudsman of the Vojvodina Province. One of the project purpose is to provide and space for mediators in society in order to become a bridge between policy makers and Roma community.

Bz-Y-WrIQAAUD8kRegarding the situation in Serbia, there is a gradually developed normative with an institutional framework to improve difficult economic and social position of Roma situation adopted by the government in 2009. This is a clear example of inclusion action called by the declaration in the decade of Roma Inclusion (2005-2015).

Particularly, at local level, Serbia has 25 local self-governments that deal with several questions specific to the field of mediation. For instance, local governments are labelling status of Roma coordinators, protecting the rights of Roma national minority and taking care of electoral activities (National Council of National Minorities). In relation with labelling the status of Roma coordinators, there are only preliminary results and it has not been regulated yet. Clarifying at this point, Mediation4Roma training may be substantial to help this Roma coordinators in being certified and in getting official accreditation to work on local institutions.

In the conference, it was also invited the Provincial Office for Roma Integration which clarify to all listeners that “The only right way out of the circle of poverty is to include Roma in the educational system and acquaint them with public institutions”. The representatives of the Provincial Office for Roma Integration (PORI) stressed that it is important to include a Roma coordinators in the local self-governments (LSGs). They not only represent a crucial link between LSGs and Roma communities but also they appear as a service for Roma community. On the other hand, it also helps local administration since they deal with Roma issues. The representatives of the PORI said these Roma coordinators are now included in 13 municipalities.

Here, is presetend the video that KANAL 9 from Novi Sad broadcast on TV.

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