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About Mediation4Roma Project

European Project Mediation4Roma is born as a forum to discuss what Roma mediation is and to analyze and define the features and needs of Roma mediators. The project’s goal is to develop a European Roma mediation frame through the implementation of a VET certification for Roma Mediators. This VET certification will link the Roma mediator figure to a recognized profession, defining its features and its needs. In the meantime, it will reinforce the empowerment of the Roma community by offering an effective mediation in Roma communities as well as promoting professionals mediators from the grassroots.

The first step includes an investigation –currently underway- of the professional Roma mediators’ profiles and the main mediation projects that have been carried out at a national and European level, the results of which will be used to promote a certifiable curriculum standardized in all partners’ countries. Once this has been completed, Mediation4Roma will produce an educational plan trough an e-learning platform which will be visible in a pilot training in each partner country.

The VET solution

The Mediation4Roma project will develop a professional and certified Roma Mediation curriculum based on new theoretical and training methodologies. The principal objective of the project is to offer natural mediators a professional certifiable pathway according to the European Reference Framework. The certificate will be developed through the collaboration of all project’s partners, bringing together a transcultural and cooperative effort that will result in establishing a final curriculum applicable in partners’ countries. The training will offer mediators a range of skills and tools to move from natural mediators to professional mediators of the fields of attention fields of intervention (Employability, health, housing and Education).


The Mediation4Roma project will promote the certifiable curriculum standardized for Roma mediators in all partners countries trough an e-learning training. The e-learning VET solution will improve Roma people’s access to digital literacy -as a key competence in order to become more employable in the SMART economy- and their skills’ adaptation to new mediation challenges. Moreover, through a pilot training Mediation4Roma will train and certificate directly one national referent per partner country, who in turn will reach at least 125 Roma mediators in each country. Through this strategy of training the trainers we expect to will reach at least 1000 final users from organizations involved in the project.

European add value

Mediation4Roma Project is aligned with the objectives of the EU Framework for National Roma Integration Strategies up to 2020. With it, we will try to foster the mediators’ mobility between different European countries. The main goal is to consolidate a strong social network of mediators from different European countries that will promote the creation of new Roma inclusion policies.

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