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During the month of March Fundació Pere Closa which is in charge of the dissemination project was working in order to promote a participation process with young Roma based on the creation of a project logo’s collaborative design .sinlogo3 sin logo 2 sin logo 4 sinlogos5

Many educational organizations located on El Prat de Llobregat, were supporting this participation campaign. They were offering technical support as well as its facilities to young Roma people in order to make a real and success process.

More than 15 young people took part in the process, working together and trying to decide what Roma Mediation is, what role to the community it has, how Roma young people see the Roma mediation, which is the relation between Roma mediation and Roma cultural heritage, among others. After the discussion about their social identity, they started drawing and designing their ideas and their concerns getting what we had at the end: a collection of ideas and logos which might represent the Roma project.

The logo which has been chosen represents the colors of the Roma culture: blue and green. The circle represents the spreading over the world of Roma culture as well as the mediation as a key point of community development. The message “developing mediation” refers to the enhancing and promoting mediation process and knowledge through borders, trying to make the mediation process powerful.

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