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LOGO RADOVI U TOKU (1)The Association of Citizens Work In Progress (WIP) is a non-governmental organisation founded in 2001 by a group of young Serbian activists that wanted to be part of the ongoing changes. Everybody brought in the association his/her enthusiasm and put at disposal experience, knowledge, know how and neworks. WIP challenges injustice and amplifies new voices of local activists in Serbia to promote, protect, and fulfill human rights. Our task is being close to the weakers, supporting the spreading of non formal education, human rights, culture, youth culture in particular, and of the active citizenship. We are willing to improve society, in making it more human and inclusive where rights are respected.

Our Vision is a society for all built on the universal principles of human rights.

What we do: WIP works  in the field of development to promote the values of peace, tollerance, interculturalism and raise awareness among people trying to foster active participation/citizenship and bottom up approaches. Our projects address the poor and marginalized, particularly Roma people, women and victims of racial/ethnic discrimination as well as youth.We are working on the whole territory of Serbia, focusing our activities on non-formal education, culture, knowledge considered as tools able to contribute in the development of young people, those tools prevent the development of negative behoviours that could easily bring to negative additictions.

WIP belongs to the following networks: Elsir Mundus, Fare Network, Social Innovation Europe, The International Platform on Sport & Development, The Platform for Intercultural Europe, InEurope 2020, Initiative for the social centar and WIP’s Network.

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