The Spanish Training Experience

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IMG_5073Three different training versions have been organized in order to offer mediators the proper technical skills in relation with their field of action. The main reason is to work in small learning groups, ensuring mediators participation, customizing their learning, improving technological uses and promoting close ties between them.

IMG_5065The first training has been reached 12 Roma community mediators from Promotors Escolars Programme. They are hired by Fundació Pere Closa in collaboration with the Catalan Department of Education. In general, their role is to deal with administration while they ensure Roma children school attendance.
Mediation4Roma training has offered to them different resources to cope with families’ communication, as well as to propose canals to convince administration of the importance of local community mediation.

The second training has been reached 7 School Mediators from Siklavipen Savorença Project. These mediators used to work in the field of education, dealing with children, families, schools and administrations. However, they are getting use in dealing with community issues, improving children’s participation in neighbourhood’s matters. Training has offered to them the opportunity of sharing experiences and understanding the importance of fostering families’ participation.

Finally, the third version is scheduled for the end of the month, and it will gather 10 mediators from other Roma organizations who want to improve their skills and capacities. Fundació Pere Closa is offering facilities to all those organizations who want to train their professionals with new mediation competences.

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