Second Kick-off Meeting in Rome

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All the Mediation4Roma Consortium was working in a face to face meeting the past 26th and 27th of June. In the meeting all the members were designing the basic schedule of next months, discussing on the currently underway work packages and making agreements and assuming new compromises. The consortium will meet the next october in Serbia for the third face to face meeting.e

During the meeting, Arci Solidarietá Onlus as the host association, gave the opportunity of visiting an Italian Roma Camp to all partners. The Roma Camp is named “Castello Romano” and it is located 30 kilometres outside the city. There are at least 1200 people living in prefabricated housing.

rThe settlement “Castelo Romano” was made in 2005 to transfer “temporally” 900 people from Vicolo Savini Camp. Between 2010 and 2013, Castel Romano became bigger in order to host more people from other unauthorised Roma’s Camps. Today 1200 people are living in Castel Romano with 400 children and teenagers. Roma children and youth who are living in this camp have a long way to go to school every day.

Below is presented a video, made by Arci Solidarietá Onlus, which tries to simbolize  the remoteness of the Roma camp.


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