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International Roma Day, 8th of April

20140408_113317Many Catalan Roma associations met at the bank of the Besós River in order to offer roses, petals and candles. The tradition remembers the holocaust victims as well as symbolizes the path to the freedom.

The organizations tried to express the recognition that deserves the Roma International day, making different kind of events and activities to make it visible and known to all society.

Searching for a logo

sinlogo3During the month of March Fundació Pere Closa which is in charge of the dissemination project was working in order to promote a participation process with young Roma based on the creation of a project logo’s collaborative design .

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First Kick-off Meeting in Barcelona

BerLG9FIEAAT20gThe entire Mediation4Roma consortium attended at first Kick-off Meeting in Barcelona the past 23rd and 24th of January. The consortium is composed of:  Fundació Privada Pere Closa (Spain), Fundació Esplai (Spain), Intercultural Institute of Timisoara (Romania), Arci Solidarietá Onlus (Italy), Centre de Médiation des Gens du Voyage et des Roms en Wallonie (Belgium), EARC “Speranta” (Romania) and Radovi U Toku (Serbia).

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MEDIATION4ROMA Launch Conference

The European MEDIATION4ROMA Project launches the training Roma mediation initiative to Spanish Roma Associations.

The VET project will be running for the next two years and it expects to get the official recognition of a new professional mediator certification for Roma Community.

2014-01-23 13.41.08MEDIATION4ROMA’s launch conference took place the past 23rd of January, 2014.  Fundació Privada Pere Closa and Fundació Esplai which are co-leading this European project called upon all the project partnership as well as a great part of the Roma Spanish Associations.

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