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Implementation of the MEDIATION4ROMA training in Belgium

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The CMGVRW trainers have successfully implemented the MEDIATION4ROMA training program in Brussels, Belgium. On the 16th, 17th and 18th of September, the face-to-face sessions gathered people of various backgrounds: members of the Roma community, Travelers, men, women, natural mediators (volunteers) and employed mediators. The diversity inherent to this group turned out to be a particularly enriching factor throughout the training and the many interactions that arose from it.

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The Spanish Training Experience

IMG_5073Three different training versions have been organized in order to offer mediators the proper technical skills in relation with their field of action. The main reason is to work in small learning groups, ensuring mediators participation, customizing their learning, improving technological uses and promoting close ties between them. Continue reading

No first day of school for Roma children

Early this morning 25 school buses showed up in the Roma villages of Rome to carry children to school. But no one, of the estimated 2.200 children enrolled in schools, could take the bus headed to their desk: there were not mediators and social workers, therefore drivers could not drive them primo giorno scuola romschool.

“It is a paradoxical situation – an Arci Solidarietà mediator says – the Municipality has sent buses, it has even spent money, although children could not use them. We came across surprised drivers, completely unaware about the situation: they thought to work with social workers of schooling projects as every year. Whereas everything is at a stand: we cannot do our job and children are left out.”

After 20 years, the schooling project with Roma people – which manages to support children from Roma communities to schools and in their educational path through compulsory education – has not started.

The schooling project with roma children has been included in a 250 million euro global service tender which involves the maintenance of school buildings and greenery, canteen service and “extraordinary transport” (like the one from roma villages to schools). This tender has been stopped by an appeal of TAR (Lazio Administrative Court) and, while the municipality waived it for essential services to face the upcoming academic year, it had not the same approach with the schooling for Roma children.

As a consequence of “Mafia Capitale” inquiry, services connected to Roma villages are now defined as “attenzionato”(with a special alert), even if no-one of the organizations involved in the schooling of Roma children has been nearly touched by investigations.

There will be a meeting this afternoon between associations and the city councillor for School Marco Rossi Doria who, in a post on Facebook, guaranteed the willing of the Municipality to find a solid solution for the service.

Regional councillor Marta Bonafoni said: “It is hard to think that every service but the one which guarantees the right to education of Roma children started. It is considered a key point by the European Union and the National Inclusion Strategy.

Intercultural Mediators’ Training – Second Cycle

Sajt_2The second cycle of the intercultural mediators’ training within the frame of the VET4 Mediation with Roma project has started today in Novi Sad.

Around twenty women and men working with Roma communities in Serbia have had an opportunity to find out more about the work of the Provincial Protector of Citizens – Ombudsman (PPCO) in a session with the National Minority Rights Protection Deputy Ombudswoman Eva Vukasinovic.  Specific topis tackled by Deputy Vukasinovic and the PPCO Associates Аndriјаnа Cоvic, Маriја Мilаdinоvic and Zеlјkа Prоdаnоvic were Roma women and men’s rights exercise before the authorities and public services concerning housing, healtcare, welfare and education, as well as discrimination and women’s and children’s rights
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